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When is the Best Time to Start a Home Improvement Gutter Protection Business?

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The best time to start a home improvement business, and a gutter business or gutter protection business in particular, is in the first quarter of the year. January, February and March are traditionally slower times for gutter sales, even in southern states with warmer climates. Homeowners have just finished holiday shopping and often have new year resolutions to cut back on spending.

There are certain times of the year that are more productive for home improvement businesses, largely because of the weather, but also due to spending habits of your customers. For example, spring, summer and early fall are typically busy times for sales and installation. As a result, starting a business during those seasons means you miss out on sales and productivity while you complete business startup tasks.

But by spring, homeowners start thinking about projects around the house, and gutters near the top of the list as the spring rainy season reminds them of problems with their current gutter system. So, to start a gutter business, we recommend getting the business off the ground in the early part of the year. That includes adding a gutter protection business to your existing product line.

By starting a gutter business in January, February and March, you can complete your equipment purchases, stock inventory, complete any sales and installation training, and develop your marketing, sales and lead development plans. You can create marketing materials (or use our prepared GutterShutter materials if you’re a GutterShutter dealer), have business cards and signs printed and have everything in place to operate a successful business. You’ll also have a chance to work through the sales and installation process with orders that do come in, and refine your approach and technique.

That way, when the sales and installation season hits you will have all the business processes in place, and won’t be learning as you grow/go. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in operating three successful retail GutterShutter dealers, and in supporting our Factory Authorized GutterShutter Dealer network, it’s that spring and summer mean sales, and you need to be ready to handle the volume!

Best of all, starting your GutterShutter gutter protection business now gives you a great head start on a profitable year and recouping startup expenses. There’s nothing like the great feeling of having a profitable business the very first year of operation!

If you are interested in starting a gutter business, be sure to contact the experts in our GutterShutter dealer services division. We can identify if exclusive territories are available in your geographic area / market. If you join our dealer network and follow our proven processes, you’ll have the materials, training and support you need to have a successful gutter protection business right from the start! Call today for more information about GutterShutter dealer opportunities, 877-677-4888 and ask for John Cross.


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