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Gutter Screens: More Hassle Than Cleaning Out Gutters

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Most homeowners know that their rain gutters should be regularly cleaned of leaves and other debris to prevent water runoff from backing up. When this happens, the heavy weight of water can pull the gutters away from the fascia or water may spill over the edge, causing potential damage to siding, windows and door, landscaping and the foundation.

You should inspect and clean your gutter and downspout system twice per year to be sure it’s not clogged. If you want to spend less time cleaning your gutters, gutter guards are a great option to consider. Just don’t expect that all gutter guards will be maintenance-free.

enlarge_33(bxgr03)Even if you don’t have trees in your own yard, some wind-blown debris will inevitably collect on top of your gutter guards. This situation is preferable to cleaning handfuls of soggy leaves, twigs and dirt out of clogged gutters. However, some gutter guards are more difficult to clean than gutters themselves! Case in point: the gutter screen.

Different gutter screens feature either a louvered (slotted) metal cover, a perforated metal cover or a mesh screen that fits under shingles. This type of cover is generally effective at blocking leaves and large debris from entering the gutter, but seedlings, pods and pine needles will either penetrate the screen or become stuck in the openings – rendering the gutter screen useless. This may also leave you with the unpleasant dilemma of how to clean thousands of seeds or needles out of the gutter screen installation.

Choose your gutter guard system wisely. Your gutter guard should make your job easier, not create another problem to solve. That’s why GutterShutter has been America’s gutter guard of choice for many years. It allows rainwater to flow freely while keeping out all types of debris to give you peace of mind – and clean gutters. NEVER CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS AGAIN! Get your free quote today by calling 877-677-4888.


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