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Where Germs and Bacteria Hide in Your Home

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A little cleaning goes a long way in terms of staying healthy.

You want to avoid catching a cold, but keeping up with high traffic, high germ areas can seem like a full time job! Focus first on wiping and disinfecting these common areas that are known for harboring and spreading germs.

brassHandles and doorknobs

From high traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens, to the front door and everything in between, knobs and handles collect germs at an alarming rate. Disinfect these surfaces at least once a week, and more if someone in your household is ill.

germsjpg-f1f869557e9e57d9_largeLight switches

Not only can light switches start to look grimy over time, they are also a germ paradise! Light switches can easily fall off the radar, so make cleaning light switches a part of your weekly chore list.


You probably clean your office phone, but how often do you sanitize your cell phone? Your phone travels everywhere with you and collects germs along the way. Wipe your phone down with a sanitizing cleaner and allow it to dry. Make sure your cloth is only lightly damp so you don’t cause water damage to your device.

germs_purse_makeup_090910_wmainPurses and bags

From diaper bags to our everyday purses, we easily toss them aside at grocery stores, restaurants and more — even placing them on the floor! When was the last time you wiped down your bag? That can be a scary answer! Using either disinfectant wipes or a recommended cleaner for certain materials, sanitize your purse, diaper bags, reusable grocery bags and any other similar items on a monthly basis.


Think laptops, tablets, computers, remotes and more. With everyone in your household sharing these common items, germs can easily be passed from one person to the next. Clean and sanitize these items weekly.


Keeping up with germs can be tough work. Focusing on problem areas as part of your normal weekly or monthly cleaning routine helps cut the spread of germs and other pesky bacteria in your household. Many professional cleaning services will integrate these tasks into routine cleanings, but be sure to confirm.

Do you regularly clean these items and areas in your home? What other germ hot spots do you make sure to hit? Tell us in the comments section.


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