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Creative Ways To Repurpose Rain Gutters

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Old and unused rain gutters can be repurposed into many interesting projects for your home and garden. Made from aluminum and plastic gutters are easy to modify only with basic tools and and their U-shaped designs create a host of unique possibilities.

Here are a few clever ways to repurpose rain gutters that are no longer in use on your home.

Rain Gutters as Corner Bookshelf

Use Rain Gutter as Cooler Box in Patio Table

Great way to serve and chill wine at your next outdoor party! Via:

Rain Gutter Boat Races

School Carnival Game Idea. Learn more at

A Gutter as a Giant Trough for a Ice Cream

Perfect for your next kids party! Get the Tutorial at

Repurpose Gutters into Hanging Planters

Get the instructions at

Rain Gutters as Cable Management Tools

End of tangled cables behind the desk. Get the instructions at

Rain-gutter Trees

Rain gutters are shallow containers, so they can be perfect for the growth of strawberries. Source:

Rain Gutters Wall Shelves

So neat and such a great way to hold the books. Source and more details:

Rain Gutter Planter Attached to the Deck Railing

Get the Tutorial at

Grow Your Herbs in Your Kitchen

Create Ribbon Storage

We have seen so many storage options for ribbon but this takes the cake! Found at

Floating Candle Tablescape by using Rain Gutters

Found at

Use Rain Gutter as Space Saving Shoe Rack

Found at

Rain Gutter as Thread Spool Organizer

Build a Self-Watering Aquaponic Rain Gutter Garden

Read the instructions here

Use them for Garage Storage

They are perfect for holding cans of spray paint and other small items. Tutorial via:

Fill Them with Rocks and Use as Garden Edges

Found at


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