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Money-Saving Tips for Your Lawn & Landscaping

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bigstock-newly-designed-garden-95119667-300x200Maintaining your lawn and landscaping takes time, effort and resources that can get quite expensive over the course of a year. Here are four money-saving tips for caring for your lawn and landscaping.

#1 Be Smart About Water Usage

Figure out how much water you need for your lawn. For example, the average lawn requires just one inch of water a week. This in turn translates into a certain amount of time running your sprinkler. You can test this out by running your sprinkler for 20 minutes in a bucket. Measure the amount of water that fills the container. If you are able to collect about one-quarter inch of water in 20 minutes, you can estimate that watering your whole lawn will take about 60 minutes per week.

#2 Time Your Watering

Water evaporates fast during the middle of the day, when it is hotter outside. Set your sprinklers on a timer or water your lawn only during the early morning hours or early evening hours, thus saving on water consumption. In terms of potted plants, you will need to water them frequently as they dry out faster within the pots. Again, be sure to water during the early morning or evening hours.

#3 Use Auto-Watering Systems

You can set up an automatic watering system that saves you time and effort. They also can cut down on the amount of water you use as they regulate the flow of water. Using a soaker hose that snakes around the garden can also be efficient as you can set it to a timer.

Targeted drip systems cost more, but are permanent and can water plants right at the roots. You can add them to potted plants and hanging baskets, which also will save you time.

#4 Install Gutter Guards

When you have a gutter cover installed, you also ensure that rainwater flows properly down from the roof, through the gutters and on the ground without damaging the roof, sides or foundation of the home. It is important to install well-made, high-quality rain gutter guards like GutterShutter that provide excellent functionality and do not require extensive maintenance.

Proactive steps like installing gutter guards will help you keep water flowing smoothly away from the home and prevent depressions and stagnant areas from developing in your lawn and landscaped areas.

While there is a fee to purchase and install gutter protection systems, you end up saving significantly over time because you prevent water erosion and protect your home from water damage.

Gutter guards can help significantly in preventing water pooling in the lawn and landscaped areas, ensuring that your lawn remains green, smooth and well-maintained. Call GutterShutter at 513-671-4000 to learn more today!!



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