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Outdoor Storage Spaces

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As the days get shorter, you might be starting to think about the things you need to do to get your home ready to winter. For most homeowners, getting ready for the cold months involves putting many items in storage, from patio furniture to sporting equipment to the grill. If you’re wondering just where you’re going to stash all of those items, check out our list of often-overlooked places for outdoor storage.

  • Above the garage door. The garage is a common storage space, but the area above garage doors is often overlooked when it comes to storage. Adding ceiling-mounted shelves above the doors is an excellent way to put this wasted space to use.
  • Under a deck or porch. A raised deck creates a convenient area underneath to store a variety of weatherproof items, from hoses to mowers. To conceal your storage area, add skirting around the deck with a door for accessibility. The area underneath patios can be used for storage of smaller items.
  • Storage benches. Stash your garden tools inside a waterproof storage bench and enjoy clutter-free surroundings. The bench will also provide extra seating for next summer’s gatherings!
  • Storage shed. Larger items such as patio furniture and pool accessories require more space and also need to be shielded from winter weather. A storage shed can provide the extra space you need to corral all of your outdoor accessories while making them last longer. You’ll also enjoy the bonus of more space in your garage!
  • Temporary storage unit. This can be a great short-term storage solution. Temporary storage containers are secure, waterproof and can be stored on your property, so you can access your items anytime.

Protect Your Home with GutterShutter!

A gutter leaf guard is good, but GutterShutter is better! Protect your home and belongings from water damage year-round with our gutter protection system. For more information call 513-671-4000 or visit


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