The Gutter Shutter Co.

GutterShutter is North Americas leading manufacturer of leaf & debris free systems. We use only the highest quality materials. Our manufacturing facility utilizes cutting edge technology, to ensure precision.

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Super Strong Gutters

The GutterShutter system uses super strong .032 thickness premium grade aluminum, that does not flex under heavy loads and ensures your gutters will perform for decades. The quality metal also looks great, giving your roof line a crown moulding effect that enhances curb appeal.


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Gutter Protection


If you have trees in your neighborhood, chances are you need gutter guards!  The GutterShutter system is a clog free, seamless replacement gutter system guaranteed to never pull away from the home for the lifetime of the structure. Our product eliminates the need to climb a dangerous ladder to clean out clogged gutters.  The award-winning GutterShutter design provides a water-tight seal from the roofline down using the GutterShutter Exclusive “High-Back” gutter trough — and there is nothing to void your roof and shingle warranty .

Say goodbye to clogged downspouts and underground plumbing issues!  The GutterShutter gutter protection system is a beautiful addition to any home, with a variety of color options.   Add curb appeal and value to your property with GutterShutter’s crown molding look and feel, quality materials and performance!  If you need to replace your gutters, give us a call — our teams will do it all!  We’ll remove your old gutters and install the high quality GutterShutter system as a replacement on your home.

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Be part of our referral program!


Did you know that most new GutterShutter customers are referrals from existing, happy customers?  We love getting referrals because it’s a great indication that customers love the GutterShutter gutter system for protecting gutters from leaves and debris. How much do we love referrals?

If you (a GutterShutter customer) refer someone to us, we will send you a $100 pre-paid VISA card for every homeowner you send us who chooses GutterShutter for their home!

Simply share your referral names and phone numbers using the form on our website, or call 877-677-GUTTERS (4888) and we’ll do the rest.  Be sure to include YOUR name, so we know who to send the $100 VISA card to!