The Gutter Shutter Co.

GutterShutter is North Americas leading manufacturer of leaf & debris free systems. We use only the highest quality materials. Our manufacturing facility utilizes cutting edge technology, to ensure precision.

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Super Strong Gutters

The GutterShutter system uses super strong .032 thickness premium grade aluminum, that does not flex under heavy loads and ensures your gutters will perform for decades. The quality metal also looks great, giving your roof line a crown moulding effect that enhances curb appeal.


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Gutter Protection System


The Best Leaf and Debris Gutter Protection System Available for Your Home!

If you have trees in your neighborhood, chances are you need gutter guards! The GutterShutter system is a clog free, seamless replacement gutter system guaranteed to never pull away from the home for the lifetime of the structure. Our product eliminates the need to climb a dangerous ladder to clean out clogged gutters. The award-winning GutterShutter design provides a water-tight seal from the roofline down using the GutterShutter Exclusive “High-Back” gutter trough — and there is nothing to void your roof and shingle warranty .

Say goodbye to clogged downspouts and underground plumbing issues! The GutterShutter gutter protection system is a beautiful addition to any home, with a variety of color options. Add curb appeal and value to your property with GutterShutter’s crown molding look and feel, quality materials and performance! If you need to replace your gutters, give us a call — our teams will do it all! We’ll remove your old gutters and install the high quality GutterShutter system as a replacement on your home.

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Why Gutters Fail

112For many homeowners who are investing in home improvement projects for their exteriors, gutters tend to be an afterthought. Sure, they play an important role in protecting your home from water damage, but at the end of the day, they’re just gutters. Does it really matter what type of material you use for your gutters, or which contractor you hire to install them?

In short: yes. Do you want your new roof or siding to retain its pristine appearance? Do you want your interior to remain dry, mold-free and comfortable? Then you need to put as much care and thought into your new gutters as you would any other home improvement project!

Reason #1: Low-Quality Material

Like any other component of your exterior, your gutters are constantly exposed to the elements. During strong storms, they need to be able to support 30-40 pounds per foot of material. If your gutters are made of a weak material, they may break away from your home during a storm or heavy winds, causing significant damage.

Reason #2: Faulty Installation

Even the highest-quality gutter material will let you down, however, if your system isn’t properly installed. Your gutters need to be securely attached to your roof during the installation to ensure they will remain intact in severe conditions.

Reason #3: No Gutter Protection System

After selecting a high-quality gutter material and experienced, reputable contractors to handle the installation, you’re well on your way to achieving long-lasting, high-performance gutters. But there’s one more step you need to take: installing a gutter protection system.

Without gutter guards or gutter screens, leaves, pine needles and other debris can accumulate in your gutters and create a clog, causing water to overflow onto your siding. This can result in major water damage that will require expensive repairs.

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Icicyles Can Cause Roof Damage


Icicles hanging from your gutters may give your home a cozy, winter wonderland vibe, but they also indicate a problem with your home’s performance. Left untreated, these “beautiful” icicles and ice dams can damage your home and lead to costly repairs – not to mention the fact that they can also endanger anyone standing below. Icicles form when snow that has melted re-freezes as it drips toward the ground. The type of icicles to look out for are the ones hanging from your gutters. If your home isn’t insulated properly, heat will rise up through the attic, melting any snow that has accumulated on your roof. This melted snow will then trickle down to your gutters, where it re-freezes, creating ice dams and icicles.

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Become a Gutter Shutter dealer


GutterShutter is North America’s leading manufacturer of Leaf & Debris Free gutter systems and we have new territories opening up for Factory Authorized Dealers. We use and provide only the highest quality materials, giving our dealers a premium product to sell and install with an outstanding warranty. Our gutter system manufacturing facility utilizes cutting edge technology to ensure precision in our patented gutter solution.

Our product line is unique in that our systems were designed with an intense attention to detail, innovation, performance and beauty. The patented (and protected) GutterShutter design wins over customers, but it’s not just the product.

GutterShutter dealers go through factory training on sales and marketing, installation and business operations. Plus there is ongoing support after the initial training. Depending on your needs, we’ll even help you with staffing, lead generation and sales team management to get your dealership up and running. Best of all, YOU KEEP THE PROFITS! The GutterShutter system is a factory authorized dealer opportunity, not a franchise.

Our dealers get to learn from a team that knows how to operate the retail gutter business — we operate three very successful retail locations in Cincinnati and GutterShutter dealers have access to all our sales and promotion expertise and materials!

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Why You Shouldn’t Prune Trees and Bushes in the Fall

There is a popular myth about pruning that, if followed, can leave your plants weaker instead of strengthening them. Too many gardeners end up pruning bushes and trees in the fall, unaware that fall pruning stimulates new growth that weakens the plants going into winter. While raking and mulching are essential, pruning is not. You can and should clean out debris and remove dead leaves and twigs. However, keep it at that and avoid the impulse to hack away at your trees and bushes!

Pruning Can Do Harm

If you trim trees and shrubs in the fall, you will end up stimulating growth just before your plants get ready to go dormant. This, in turn, makes the plants weaker. When you prune on a warm day, sap starts to rise in the plant. When the temperature drops below freezing, the plant suffers and can even die.

Pruning is best left to early spring or the tail end of winter. Give your plants a haircut then. Most gardeners err by over-pruning bushes and trees pre-winter, leaving their plants vulnerable to the stresses of winter temperatures, pests and disease.

For lilacs and spireas that bloom in early spring, prune them after they finish blooming. The only exceptions for pruning at the end of fall and start of winter are deciduous shrubs that are overgrown.

Also, remember to not prune when it is wet outside. This can spread diseases through the growth of microbes that take advantage of the weak state your plants are in. Instead, wait to prune when the sun is out for a period of time to dry out and kill bacteria and mold.

When the Time is Right, How to Prune

When you do have to prune, first remove dead and dying branches from the body of the plants. If branches are rubbing each other, prune to allow for healthy growth.

Plants that can be pruned just before the start of spring include glossy abelia, beauty berries, hydrangeas, Bradford and Callory pears, crabapples, poplar, spruce, junipers, sumacs, cherries and plums. Maples, birches, dogwoods, walnuts, and elm tree should be pruned only after spring has started to prevent sap from oozing out of the trees and weakening them.

Remember to keep your pruning shears clean to prevent disease from spreading accidentally. Simply wash tools with a teaspoon of bleach in warm water and then allow to dry.

Fall Maintenance Tip: Install Rain Gutter Guards

One of the most important steps of fall garden maintenance is to clean out your gutters and make sure you have rain gutter guards installed and functioning properly. A gutter leaf guard helps protect your gutters from debris and plant material accumulating in your gutters, thus allowing the steady natural flow of water down the roof, through the gutters and to the ground. With properly installed rain gutter guards, you can keep your gutters clean and protect your home from water damage that happens when water does not flow properly away from the house.