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The Dangers of Clogged Gutters

Too often gutters are overlooked and cleaning them is another item on the never ending to-do list.  Gutters are an out-of-sight-out-of-mind part of your home — you only think about them when it’s raining and they overflow, and that’s not the time to clean them.

Before you know it, another month has gone by and they are still clogged and overflowing.  We sometimes hear from homeowners, “what’s the big deal – it’s just rain.”  Unfortunately, left unchecked, rain can lead to serious and expensive home repairs.

Well-performing gutters help avoid foundation damage, siding damage and roof damage.  The main purpose of working gutters and downspouts is to channel water away from the home and foundation.  When gutters are overflowing, water can gather near the foundation, and over time this causes cracks and weakens footings.  This can compromise the structural integrity and lead to settling, or water seeping into your interior spaces.  Plus, insects like termites love moisture and having wet ground near your house in never a good idea.

These are some of the reasons so many people turn to the GutterShutter gutter system.  Our patented and award-winning design keeps your gutters and downspouts from becoming clogged.  Plus, our six-inch gutter handles the large volume of water that comes from heavy downpours.

Your home is likely your biggest investment; be sure you are doing all you can to protect it and prevent costly damage and repairs.  Plus, with the GutterShutter gutter protection system, you won’t have to clean your gutters, ever!  You get to stay off the dangerous ladder, and free up time you used to spend cleaning gutters.

Contact your nearest GutterShutter Factory Authorized Dealer today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your current gutters and to get an estimate.


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Every New Homeowner Should Know These 3 Things…


New homeowners have a lot more responsibility than renters. You can no longer rely on a landlord to do repairs, maintain the property, or add gutter guards or gutter screens to prevent clogged gutters. For first-time homeowners, there are many things to be aware of to protect your investment. If your house is brand-new, there is less need to do maintenance and repairs at first, but as time goes on, you need to keep an eye on certain weaknesses in a home. If not, your new home will quickly become like an old one!


Here are three important things to know.

1. Know where your shut-offs are.

If there is ever an electrical fire or bad plumbing leak in your new home, you don’t want to be running around, desperately looking for a way to shut off the power or water! In addition, before doing electrical or plumbing repairs, you need to know where shut-offs are. Locate your main electrical and water shutoffs and make sure they are easily accessible.

  • The main electrical shut-off should be at the main breaker panel or outside near a service entrance.
  • The water shut-off valve should be on a wall of the house facing the street. Also, learn where all the individual valves are for all of your sinks, toilets, dishwashers, etc.

2. Know your electric circuits.

Most house fires are caused by electrical failures. Before moving into a new home, make sure the electric system has been inspected by a licensed electrician.

  • Determine which outlets serve which circuits and then label the breakers.
  • Look for any tripped circuits and read appliance labels to know how many amps each one draws.
  • Make sure GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupters) are installed near all sinks, in the laundry room and garage, and on exterior outlets.

3. Know the risks.

The greatest danger to a home and family is fire.

  • Make sure there is a plan for evacuation and a meeting place in the event of a fire.
  • Have emergency numbers readily available.
  • Place fire extinguishers strategically around the home, especially in the kitchen.

The next greatest risk to a home besides fire is water. Ninety percent of a home’s problems will be found in basements, foundations and the roof, as they are the most susceptible to expensive water damage and corrosion.

  • Inspect the bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens regularly for water leaks. Fixing leaks can be as simple as tightening a nut.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are properly caulked and sealed to prevent water from seeping into the walls.
  • Maintain your home’s gutter system.

Rain gutters are a major line of defense against water damage. Leaves, debris and granules from shingles can result in clogs that force water out and down around the foundation.

  • Check a new home’s landscaping to make sure the slope of the ground around the foundation doesn’t send water from the gutter system toward the house.
  • Check to make sure all downspouts have extensions that keep water routed at least five feet from the foundation.
  • Clean out the gutters regularly, and make sure they drain properly.

Interested in Gutter Guards?

To ensure your gutters are always free-flowing, install gutter guards or, at the very least, gutter screens. GutterShutter gutter protection is the best way to ensure gutters do the job they are supposed to do. Be proactive and call 513-671-4000 to learn more!

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Prepare Your Home for the Fall Season With These Tips

Summer’s in full swing and it’s time for barbecues, outdoor dining, fresh flowers, green lawns and beach trips. The days may be hot but you’ve got long hours in the sunshine and can enjoy outdoor activities again. Summer is also perfect for getting a few things done around the house that will help improve your home and keep it in great shape for the rest of the year.

There are several home improvement and home maintenance tasks that you can do in the summer to get ready for the fall. These will also help you avoid problems commonly experienced in the autumn, such as extensive gutter cleaning that comes with falling leaves and changing weather.

Clean Out Dryer Vents

Dryers can cause fires if vents become clogged with dust and lint. In fact, as many as 16,000 dryer fires occur annually, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Avoid house fires and damage to your property with just a few preventive steps. In addition to cleaning out the lint vent after each load, you can also clean out the housing with a vent-cleaning brush kit once a month. After you have cleaned out the dryer lint trap, disconnect the dryer duct from the dryer and the wall. Clean with a brush. Also clean the vent on the outside of the house.

Backyard & Pool Maintenance

If you have a pool, it is important to keep it clean both for hygiene and to extend the lifespan of the pool. Backyard and pool maintenance also prevents the formation of algae, mold and mosquito breeding grounds, and the accumulation of debris in the water and surrounding areas.

Clean Your Gutters & Add Gutter Guards

The gutters of your home can fill up with debris over the winter and even in the spring with heavy rains. This can lead to water damage in your home if left unaddressed. Knowing how much to clean gutters does require some skill and practice.

When gutters are well-maintained, they do a terrific job of regulating water flow from the roof down through the gutters to the ground. If, however, they get clogged with debris, plant matter, dust and other materials, gutters stop functioning. Water can pool around the foundation of the house, leading to structural damage and costly repairs.

Use gutter guards to keep your gutters clean and also proactively prevent clogs and ice accumulation in the future. Enjoy peace of mind this fall when you install GutterShutter.

Call GutterShutter at 877.677.4888 now to discuss your gutter cleaning and protection needs.

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Causes of Landscape Erosion & How to Stop It

bigstock-Trimmed-Grass-Over-Exposed-Soi-35123834-200x300As part of your regular home maintenance, it is important to check your property’s drainage system and clear out gutters. Poor water drainage and uncontrolled water flow creates landscape erosion and can also damage your foundation walls. This inadequate drainage and flow may be caused by:

  1. Clogged gutters.
  2. Undersized gutters.
  3. Clogged downspouts and sump pump pipes.
  4. Poor grading around foundation walls.

A 5% grade is ideal for your property for a distance of 10 feet around your home. It is important to fill in any depressed areas that form near the downspout to prevent clogging and water damage.

Gutter Protection via GutterShutter

If your gutters are constantly overflowing, consider gutter replacement. The GutterShutter system can help you proactively prevent landscape erosion caused by clogged and overflowing gutters.

Among all the companies offering gutter protection, GutterShutter consistently ranks as the top choice among homeowners in gutter guard reviews. GutterShutter features state-of-the-art technology that directs water flow off the roof and down into the gutters, through the downspout and on to the ground safely away from the home and foundation. There are many choices available today including gutter leaf guard, filters and more. GutterShutter’s design is durable, offers protection year-round and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Preventive Planning

Fixing drainage problems requires planning to proactively identify and then solve any water drainage problems in and around the property. Having a preventive plan for maintenance is the best course to take to prevent damage and excessive repairs.

Here are some steps to take:

  1. Look for erosion.

Where has erosion occurred around your home? For example, if you see gravel or soil streaming around the garden, yard or other areas, this is typically a sign of water flow problems.

  1. Check for waterfalls.

Is water rushing down the sides of your home’s gutters? Excessive water flow happens when gutters get clogged with debris or leaves. This can even create erosion right under the gutters and damage the foundation of your home by seeping in through the basement.

  1. Clean out gutters.

Gutters should be cleaned out at least twice each year. You can also install a high-quality gutter guard system like GutterShutter that makes maintenance easy and prevents clogging from happening in the first place.

  1. Control runoff.

When there is a heavy storm, water runoff from the roof can fill your yard and even cause damage to your home. You will need to redirect this water or contain it. You can use a catch basin or a French drain to hold the water or add a downspout extension to redirect the water.

  1. Remove wetness.

Erosion caused by improper grading leads to wet areas that last for several days. This can lead to problems such as compacted soil or high groundwater. You may be able to solve the problem by adding organic material. If the problem is more extensive, you may need to add underground drainage.

Landscape erosion is a problem that should be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage and small problems from escalating into larger ones. GutterShutter can help you by installing a high-quality gutter guard system that you can use for many years and safeguards your home from water damage and landscape erosion. Call us at 513-671-4000 for more information.

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Were you on a ladder this weekend dealing with gutter issues?

Just say NO to cleaning your gutters! Ask us how you can stay off the ladder and away from your gutters. Ladders are dangerous, and even small falls can lead to significant injuries. From a news story over the weekend in the northeast: “A person was being medevaced to Stony Brook University Hospital after a fall from a six-foot ladder in Amagansett Thursday morning.”

Call your nearest GutterShutter dealer and eliminate gutter cleaning from your to-do list forever!